About Rakuten Pay

What is Rakuten Pay?
How to install Rakuten Pay App?
Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Rakuten Pay?
How can I become Rakuten member?

About Rakuten Pay Setup

When I set up Rakuten Pay, I got an error about my registered mobile phone number on my Rakuten ID

About Payment Method

What is 3D Secure?
Can I change my credit card after completing my order?
How to check the available card brands?
How to use points for payment?

About Rakuten Points

When will Rakuten points be awarded?

Issues after purchase

Billed amount is incorrect.
I did not receive the ordered item (or received the damaged item)
Can I check the usage history of Rakuten Pay?
Digital content download is not completed.
Can I change, cancel my order or exchange the delivered item?
About inquiries by phone
When will the amount of the canceled item be refunded?
Amount of cancelled item has been deducted from the credit card
Return of points for canceled items.

Recommended environment for using Rakuten Pay

What are the recommended environments for using Rakuten Pay?

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